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Day by day program / June, 2010
UPMCCNRSMinistère de la Culture

Creating an intrigue shared among the laboratory, the university, the studio, and society, publicly addressing the questions that arise via artistic interventions or the scientific imagination, testing the effects of a prototype through artistic works, is to act beyond cultural boundaries.

IRCAM exposes this peculiarity in a festival of "first times", a scenario made up of innovations and ruptures, a story of prototypes with unexpected repercussions. Prototypes by Michael Jarrell meet the language of Heiner Müller, by Sarkis who reintroduces the idea of randomness lost in Roaratorio by Cage. Jonathan Harvey's prototype and dream of a talking orchestra, Gérard Pesson's theatre of lights and a "sensation keyboard", a monumental first for Tristan Murail combining an orchestra with virtual and real choruses.
The enigmatic nature that belongs to the artistic prototype, detected by Proust in Vinteuil's septet, to be an "enduring new thing". more details

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Agora is dedicated to Odile Duboc.