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Day by day program / June, 2010


Monday, June 7

To Cage Roaratorio

Roaratorio by John Cage premiered at IRCAM on January 19, 1981. The work is Cage's reading of Finnegans Wake by Joyce, encircled by the sonorous stamp of the locations cited in this prototype book.

Wednesday, June 9

Voice and Eloquence

Bruno Latour & Philippe Leroux

Marked by the creation of Voi(Rex) by Philippe Leroux for voice, ensemble, and electronics, Bruno Latour and the composer explore the eloquence and persuasion of a vocal theatricality that has become an archetype for a second work by Leroux, Apocalypsis.

Wednesday, June 9 and Thursday, 10

Model, Prototype, Work

A special system of production of an object-program, the idea of the prototype (of either a practice or an object) underlies experimentation and prefigures the production of a series.

Thursday, June 10

Réseau Varèse Conference

The issues of creation and artistic research in Europe.

Monday, June 14

Espèces d'espaces


The blank page of Georges Perec, the visual space of video artist Pierre Nouvel, the acoustic and physical space used by musical works: a triple composition, d'espèces d'espaces (lit. Species of Spaces) sets the stage for the ensemble Cairn's evening.

Saturday, June 19

Prototype Evening

The evening of June 19 belongs to the place Igor Stravinksy and to the IRCAM studios, invaded by technological prototypes in action, films of music and by future works.

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