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Day by day program / June, 2010


Tuesday, June 8


Reading and Films

The Science-Arts-Society Meridian crosses through the Géode in Paris with the words of the French philosopher, man of letters, and humanist, Michel Serres.

Wednesday, June 9

Surrogate Cities

Heiner Goebbels turned toward the choreographer Mathilde Monnier to ask her to direct his opera, Surrogate Cities, in Berlin: a 'growing' city, a living organism that became theater and then film.

Monday, June 14

Espèces d'espaces


The blank page of Georges Perec, the visual space of video artist Pierre Nouvel, the acoustic and physical space used by musical works: a triple composition, d'espèces d'espaces (lit. Species of Spaces) sets the stage for the ensemble Cairn's evening.

Wednesday, June 16


Medvedkine gives us a satiric comedy, tender and madcap, in Happiness (Le Bonheur in French), a film whose originality and inventiveness were applauded by Eisenstein and Chris Marker.

Friday, June 18

Images of a Work #8

Le Père by Michael Jarrell

Screening and meeting with the authors as a part of the "D'abord" series at the Athénée.

Saturday, June 19

Prototype Evening

The evening of June 19 belongs to the place Igor Stravinksy and to the IRCAM studios, invaded by technological prototypes in action, films of music and by future works.

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