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Day by day program / June, 2010


Voice and Eloquence

Bruno Latour & Philippe Leroux

Marked by the creation of Voi(Rex) by Philippe Leroux for voice, ensemble, and electronics, Bruno Latour and the composer explore the eloquence and persuasion of a vocal theatricality that has become an archetype for a second work by Leroux, Apocalypsis.

The musicologist Nicolas Donin and the singer Valérie Philippin examine the progress of the musical composition to better understand the connections with the creation of concepts. This evening, a part of the Selon Bruno Latour series, precedes the performance of Voi(Rex) on June 14 at IRCAM. How does a prototype enter the repertoire, performed fifty times since its premiere?

A part of the Selon Bruno Latour series. Evening organized by IRCAM and the Département du développement culturel at the Centre Pompidou.

Wednesday, June 9, 6:30pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection

  • Access Conditons: Free Entry, Limited Seats Available